Great Auction Results for the Autumn  Sale

The Woodford & Co autumn Auction Sale was held on Tuesday 12th November at The Talbot Hotel, Oundle. The room was full of bidders and interested locals, with almost 100 people in attendance. 

Lot 1 19 Mill Road, Yarwell exceeded most people's expectations and after some furious bidding the gavel came down at £328,000.

Lot 2 14 North Street, Oundle generated strong interest and closed off at £350,000

Lot 3 2 Duck Lane, Oundle saw both private investor and a local school slog it out and the gavel fell at £490,000. 

Chris Woodford, the auctioneer, said 'Auction is still a great method of sale for certain types of property, generating strong interest from committed buyers. I am proud of the Woodford & Co team for being able to run such a professional and successful event for the local property market.'

The clients that sold propery during this sale included a Trust from Jersey, a local solicitors' firm and a family disposing of deceased estate.